What are your secrets worth? You don't have to be a politician or A-list celebrity to need encryption: Have you ever bought a house at auction? Have you ever wondered why some mysterious bidder was able to bid up to almost the maximum price you could afford, even after all other bidders had stopped?

As an employer or employee, have you heard disturbing stories about misuse of commercial or private information in a workplace or commercial context?

While the vast majority of people in commercial and employment arrangements deal with each other lawfully and respectfully, it is the surprisingly high risk of a lone offender that should be contemplated.

The events currently unfolding in the UK media inquiry demonstrate that there is a huge black market in private information. Making phone calls without encryption is a risk that the average person on the street needs to be worried about.

Your secrets are extremely vulnerable. Fortunately, protecting them is extremely easy

The phone belonging to John Prescott, Britain's former deputy Prime Minister was hacked 44 times - but when he informed the police of his suspicions, they unlawfully kept him in the dark. He finally received an acknowledement of the crime and a police apology after waiting 19 months for an official inquiry

19 months for an inquiry? Less than 5 minutes to install an app like Lumicall on your phone: There used to be a time when encryption was complicated. Army units would travel with suitcase-sized cipher machines and specially trained radio operators.

You don't need a suitcase to carry a cipher machine - just the phone in your pocket: You don't need to carry a list of code words, or worry about how many people know your password. Lumicall uses the ZRTP system to detect if the person you are calling supports encryption, and generate a random pair of code-words for each new call that you make.

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